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Editorial How can you become a successful innovative company? George BALA, Director, Ministry of National Education Octavian STROIE Broker of technologies Science Today Ressearch on natural radionuclides content of soil in large urban areas Chem. Viorica IONIŢĂ, Eng. Simona CIUCIU, Eng. Mihai FLUCUŞ, Chem. Daniela A. RADU, PhD Student Chem. Oana DOBRE, PhD Student INCDMRR-ICPMRR Bucharest Abstract: The paper presents the research results regarding the potential impact on soils in Craiova and adjacent suburban area, generated by radioelements originated from burning coal in power plants (CET I and CET II Craiova) by concentrating them in slag and ash. The important role played by the radioactivity originating from natural sources in population exposure was highlighted by UNSCEAR Report (2000). The soil radioactivity knowledge is important for assessment of potential radiological risk to population. 42 soil samples were collected 30 from Craiova in a 700 m × 700 m grid, corresponding to 26 km2 and 12 from the inhabited areas in the vicinity of the sources. In each point, gamma dose rate, coordinates and altitude were recorded. The soil samples were analyzed by gamma spectrometry with multichannel analyzer detector GeHP for Unat, Ra226, Th232 and K40. Based on the results and field data, maps of the distribution of these radioactive elements in soils were drawn. Applying the Shell progressive model for uranium adsorption process Eng. Eugenia PANŢURU, PhD, Eng. Antoaneta FILICENCO – OLTEANU, Ph.D, Chem. Daniela A. RADU, PhD Student INCDMRR-ICPMRR Bucharest Abstract: Kinetic study applying the Shell progressive model showed that intraparticle diffusion is the rate decisive step for uranium adsorption process. The diffusion coefficient value for activated carbon Purolite AC 20 G impregnated with nano-Feº is greater than for activated carbon non impregnate, so in the first case, mass transfer resistance is lower and the adsorption process arise more easy Research Results ECORISK Project NUCLEU Programme CEEX 2006 Project Portrait Mircea GEORGESCU Past Events Workshop 2014: Resources sustainable development and the environment HERVEX 2014 Upcoming Events B.E.N.A. Conferences 2015 Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, 2015 Miscellanious Teknoleb